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FINOSE now includes all Nordic countries



Iceland’s Landspitali joins the Nordic collaboration FINOSE in which HTA bodies from all the five Nordic countries now jointly perform HTA for new pharmaceuticals. Iceland's entry takes place shortly before a planned relaunch of FINOSE.

With Landspitali, the National University Hospital of Iceland, entering the collaboration as full members the circle of Nordic countries is now completed. The agreement on Iceland's entry into FINOSE was signed when the FINOSE team gathered in Stockholm on April 11.   

FINOSE now includes Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland.  

The Danish Medicines Council joined the collaboration in 2023 and since then extensive work has been conducted adapting the collaboration to suit the needs of a larger group.   

The FINOSE team is now discussing the joint work going forward and planning for a relaunch of the collaboration in FINOSE before summer. At the relaunch, documents describing requirements for dossier content and the joint assessment process will be published. The publication is in line with the collaborations ambition to make the joint Nordic process and methodology more accessible and transparent for companies engaging with FINOSE. 

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