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Travelling abroad with pets and medicines



When travelling abroad with a pet, you must take a veterinarian's declaration with you if the animal needs regular medication.

​​​​​​​​​​It is not ordinarily permissible to bring medicines for animals with you when entering Norway. Other countries may have corresponding rules. Exceptions apply to pets that are on long-term/continuous treatment. In such cases, the animal's owner must carry a declaration verifying that it is necessary to bring medicines on the journey. The quantity of medicines must be reasonable in relation to the duration of the trip. Without a declaration, you may experience problems both when entering other countries and when returning to Norway. The declaration does not permit you to bring the medicines into a country if the animal is not travelling with you.

If possible, the declaration must be written by the veterinarian who placed the animal on the treatment or another veterinarian with access to the animal's medical records.

The declaration should state

  • The name of the owner
  • Identification of the animal
  • Name of the medicine
  • Active ingredient(s)
  • Pharmaceutical form and strength
  • Dose​​​​

The declaration should be written in English in the case of travel outside the Nordic region.

Was the animal treated during the stay abroad?

If so, the animal's owner should carry a corresponding declaration from the treating veterinarian when returning home.

In addition to the veterinary declaration, the animal's owner should keep the medicine in its original packaging with the pharmacy label.

Different rules apply to the carrying of medicines for personal use. Medicines for your own animals are not covered by the term “personal use".​

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