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    Electronic application forms

    Electronic Application Forms (eAF) are mandatory in all procedures for initial marketing authorisations, variations and renewals.

    The forms and more information are available from EMA: EU electronic application forms.

    Please note that the eAFs gradually will be replaced by the new Common European Single Submission Portal (CESSP). More information will be announced by EMA at this page.

    NoMA’s electronic workflow system

    Since December 2013, NoMa has used an electronic workflow system in which data are automatically imported from the eAFs. Applicants are asked to ensure that all data are correct before submission. We ask you to pay particular attention to the following:

    • All Norwegian MAA-numbers have the correct format (e.g.17-12345)
    • A billing address has been filled in when possible

    Automatically generated e-mail

    Please respond to all e-mails from NoMA as specified. This is of particular importance as e-mails are automatically generated by the system. Please note the following:

    • Please do not respond to e-mails that are marked “Do not reply”
    • You may forward e-mails to so that others can reply
    • You should not modify the subject field of the e-mail (abbreviations such as VS: or FW: do not have to be removed)
    • You can reply only once to an automatically generated e-mail from
    • Please do not use the e-mail address for any other communication with NoMA
    • For e-mail addresses used as contacts for applications, an out-of-office reply should not be used

    Delivery options

    The preferred delivery option is the current European submission platform CESP.

    Please use only one delivery option when submitting a new application or other types of documentation such as ASMF or veterinary PSURs.

    A scanned or wet signature on the application form or cover letter is not required.


    Applicants are asked to use CESP for DCP/MRP and national applications, for veterinary products in CP and other types of documentation such as Active Substance Master Files, clinical trials and veterinary Periodic Safety Update Reports.
    To register and for further details on how to use this platform please see the HMA website: CESP.

    eSubmission Gateway

    For CP, the eSubmission Gateway/eSubmission Web Client is obligatory for all eCTD submissions for human medicines. For more information: eSubmission Gateway.


    Submissions by Eudralink or e-mail may be used. For new applications, use the e.mail address For additional e-mail addresses and contacts: CMDh Contact Points.

    Please reply to e-mails from NoMa as specified, as they may be part of NoMA’s automated workflow system.

    When using Eudralink, please set the expiry date to at least 40 days.

    PSUR Repository

    PSUR Repository is mandatory for all documents in relation to Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR) for human products. For more information: PSUR Repository.


    Submissions can be made by CD/DVD. One copy is sufficient. Please include a cover letter on paper to facilitate the identification of the content.

    International standards

    The Norwegian Medical Products Agency refer to international standards when it comes to requirements to electronic formatting of electronic submissions: eCTD for human products and VNeeS for veterinary products.

    From 2019, eCTD and VneeS is mandatory also in national procedure.

    The change to eCTD format for a NP purely product dossier should normally be done at the start of a new regulatory activity, so ongoing procedures should be continued in the same format as the starting submission. Preferably, change to eCTD should not be done at the time of a PSUSA submission, even if this is the first new regulatory activity submission after 1 January 2019. For these submissions to the PSUR repository, non-eCTD is accepted until the dossier format is changed to eCTD at the submission of another new regulatory activity submitted to the NCA directly. For guidance, see Q&A on mandatory eCTD in National Procedures (NP), available at eSubmission eCTD.

    When transferring to eCTD a baseline is highly recommended, but not obligatory. A baseline can also be submitted later in the life cycle. The baseline should preferably consist of high quality electronic source documents, but good quality scanned images would also be acceptable, preferably with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate text searching. A baseline would typically consist of the Module 3 documents that tend to change over time during the lifecycle of the product.

    Please contact if you have any questions.

    For more information: eSubmission Home

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