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Application for marketing authorisation



Application forms for mutual recognition procedure (MRP)/decentralised procedure (DCP) and centralised procedure (CP) must be used when submitting MA applications. SmPC/SPC, PL and labelling must also be submitted and approved.

The different procedures for granting a marketing authorisation (MA) for a medicinal product are described in Notice to Applicants and on the main page for Regulatory affairs.

The application forms to be used are the same, regardless of the procedure chosen, and can be downloaded from:

Procedural guidances for MRP/DCP are available from HMA's website and for CP they are available from EMA's website:

NB! An invoice on the application fee will be sent upon receipt of the application, so no payment should be made in advance.

Important information regarding MAs in MRP and DCP​

From 1 June 2022 the Norwegian Medical Products Agency (NoMA) will change our routines and approve the summary of product characteristics (SmPC/SPC), package leaflet (PL) and labelling with the MA. Previously, NoMA required mock-ups of the labelling, and not labelling text, in the national phase of the MA procedure.​​

The Norwegian product information (summary of product characteristics (SmPC/SPC), package leaflet (PL) and labelling) will be approved with the marketing authorisation. Please submit the SmPC/SPC, PL and labelling as separate Word files and use the latest version of the QRD templates.

Human: Please submit the proposed final product information in Norwegian within 7 days after the End of Procedure. 

Veterinary: If the product information is not received within a period of 6​ months after the End of Procedure, the application will be considered to have been withdrawn.  ​

In case the product will be marketed in Norway

Before the product is placed on the Norwegian market, mock-ups of the labelling must be submitted for assessment and approval by NoMA, either within the MA-procedure or as an Article 61(3) notification (human)/VRA G.I.15.z (veterinary). Mock-ups can also be submitted with a variation affecting the product information (type II variation for human medicinal products and VRA in chapter G for veterinary medicinal products). In order to obtain approval of mock-ups within the MA-procedure, please submit mock-ups either in the national phase or within 2 months after the MA is granted. Mock-ups (in PDF-format) for each strength, pharmaceutical form and type of packaging intended to be marketed are required.


In case the product will not be marketed in Norway

If the product is not intended for the Norwegian market, the marketing authorisation could be granted without the Norwegian product information (‘conditional’ MA).  

​​Please send a confirmation within 2 weeks after the End of Procedure to Variations following the MA-procedure will consequently be approved without the Norwegian product information as well.​​​

Please note that this option does not apply to for line extension applications (human medicinal products) where the prior approved MAs are MAs with approved Norwegian product information.

Change in marketing plans

I​​f it is decided at a later stage that the product should be placed on the Norwegian market, the following must be assessed and approved by NoMA:

  • SmPC/SPC
  • PL
  • labelling
  • mock-ups

The Norwegian product information should be submitted two months prior to the planned marketing date. 

​​​C​​hanges in the product information due to variation procedures approved after the MA-procedure, must be implemented in the Norwegian product information (marked with tracked changes). Please list the variation procedure numbers and approval dates in the submission.​​

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