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Fees for assessment of clinical trials and assessment of safety information



The fees are applicable from January 1st 2023

Type of applic​​​ation Fee
​New application - Norway as Reference Member State 73.080 NOK
New application - Norway as Member State Concerned 31.320 NOK
Application for Substantial Modification 6264 NOK
Application for transition to regulation no. 536/2014 No fee
Safety assessment - time spent > 5 days 4176 NOK
Safety assessment - time spent < 5 days 2088 NOK


Non-commercial sponsors will not be charged for a fee.

Invoice information must be uploaded to the application Dossier in CTIS ("proof of payment" in the Forms section)

Safety assessments

NoMA will send the sponsor an invoice once the annual safety report (ASR) is received.  In case NoMA receives several ASRs for the same active substance by different sponsors, all sponsors will be charged separately.

Non-commercial sponsors will not be charged.

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