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Single technology assessments of pharmaceuticals - status and reports



The current status of single technology assessments (STAs) and a list of STA reports.

Proposed and ongoing STAs

The NoMA has a goal to assess​ hospital pharmaceuticals within 180 days from receipt of the complete documentation. For STAs for pharmaceuticals which are subject to financing over the National Insurance Scheme, a "clock-stop" procedure applies in some cases.

Current assessment status for STAs: 

Hospital phar​m​​aceuticals (Excel)

National Insurance pharmaceuticals (Excel)

If a new pharmaceutical is not included in the lists, the pharmaceutical may still have been notified in the horizo​n scanning process - check the list of horizon scanning notifications.
Furthermore, you can search for pharmaceuticals which are to be assessed for funding by the Specialist Health Service at

Published STA reports ("metodevurderinger")

A Norwegian list of STA reports regardless of funding source is available​. 

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