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FINOSE becomes Joint Nordic HTA-Bodies, JNHB



The past year Denmark and Iceland have joined the FINOSE collaboration, that now comprises HTA bodies from all Nordic countries. To meet the needs of a larger group, the collaboration makes several adaptations and takes the name Joint Nordic HTA-Bodies.

To celebrate the new Nordic collaboration, JNHB industry associations, decision makers and stakeholders have been invited to take part in a joint meeting launching the new cooperation, the new webpage and supporting documents. 

Starting today, information about the Joint Nordic HTA-bodies collaboration is gathered on a new website The website contains information on the joint assessment process, as well as guidance for Health Technology Developers for application, submission dossier requirements and health economic methods. The documents available at the website aim to make the JNHB processes and methods transparent for companies engaging with JNHB. 

JNHB has recently entered a collaboration with the negotiation bodies in the Nordic Pharmaceutical Forum, aiming to further strengthen the Nordic collaborations and clarify the link between HTA and negotiations on a Nordic level.   

At the JNHB-launch, the JNHB-team shared their first thoughts on how they anticipate the role of JNHB after implementation of the HTA regulation in January 2025. 

About the Nordic HTA-collaboration 

FINOSE started as a bottom-up initiative by the HTA authorities in Finland, Norway and Sweden and was launched in Stockholm in 2018. The collaboration extended to comprise Denmark in 2023 and Iceland in 2024. 

The basis for the collaboration is outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding, signed in April 2024 by the collaborating HTA bodies; the Danish Medicines Council (DMC), the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea), Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland, the Norwegian Medical Products Agency (NOMA) and the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) in Sweden. 

Further information on the Joint Nordic HTA-Bodies can be found at Members of the JNHB team can be reached by